Venison Stew



Game meat is called even by nutritionists “the perfect meat”, it comes from animals living freely in nature, and their meat does not contain growth hormones,steroids or antibiotics, which will make it safe and nutritionally appropriate.

Does not contain very many fats as the animals move very much in the wild, and existing fats are healthy. And in terms of taste, this is more intense and fragrant than any other meat.
Game meat contains more iron than spinach and a meat is rich in iron content if it contains a lot of blood. It is superior even to fish meat in terms of phosphorus content. In recent years, after the pork and the chicken passed among less healthy meats, game remains a better option being ideal even for people who suffer from heart problems.
Venison or deer meat is one of the most delicious, pure and rich meats in terms of nutrition. Not only is lower in calories, but contain less fat and more protein than beef and offers immense health benefits. It can successfully replace any red meat from market and must be included in the menu. There is almost no fat and is incredibly fragrant, making it perfect for a special dinner. It is versatile, so it can be cooked in many ways.
Venison has more hard tissue than any other red meat, which makes it harder chewable and digestible, so it is very important how to marinate and tender the meat. Game meat tenderizing is done by maintaining to low temperature or exposure to wind for several days.
Before you start cooking you must be sure you have a fresh meat that whether you buy it from supermarkets or directly from the source, the venison resist maximum 10 days in a refrigerator at 2-4 degrees Celsius, or more than 6 months in the freezer.
Venison is carrying different parasites, so we have to make sure that was examined by the veterinarian and make sure you serve it well cooked.
Now that I have sparked interest in the venison, I invite you to try this venison stew.

Venison Stew

By September 27, 2014


  • Prep Time : 45 minutes
  • Cook Time : 1h 15 min



Dissolve salt in water, add chopped onion, garlic cut into large pieces, sliced ​​carrots, sliced ​​celery, and wine vinegar and remaining spices, immerse the meat and refrigerate for at least 24 h.
The next day remove the meat from the marinade and cut into cubes.
Clean and wash the onion and garlic and cut them finely.
Clean peppers and chilli, remove seeds then cut them into thin strips.
Wash and cut the tomatoes into cubes.
Heat a saucepan add oil, when hot add onion and garlic, cook until they become glassy, then add the paprika, mingle and immediately introduce diced meat in the pan; do not burn paprika (it becomes bitter).



After the meat turns brown and begins to leave  water, add the chillis, peppers cut into thin strips, diced tomatoes, beef broth, salt and spices and let it simmer covered until meat becomes tender. It took me about 1h, depending on how young is the meat and how long you keep it in the refrigerator, the longer the better…
While meat boils, peel and cut potatoes into cubes and chop parsley.
When almost cooked add potatoes and simmer  for another 15 minutes or until potatoes are cooked.
Finally sprinkle parsley and serve the stew with pickles and a glass of red wine.


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