Vanilla Cake Pops



Vanilla Cake Pops are a form of cupcakes on a stick very popular lately, especially at parties and different celebrations due to their special appearance.

They are made of leftover cake, sponge cake, biscuits or muffins that are mixed with different jams and creams, are shaped in different forms: spheres, hearts, stars, glazed with chocolate and decorated with ornaments.

You can make Cake Pops from any kind of cake batter, white or black, especially made for those cake pops or from a leftover cake.

Cream used for linking the composition can vary from different jams, mascarpone cheese, cream cheese to chocolate cream, or whatever you like, and you can play while decorating leaving  your imagination to rule the game.

You can find in stores all kinds of kits for preparing these sweets and I find them very helpful.

A typical kit contain special chopsticks, a silicone tray specially shaped that helps us to form equal spheres and keeps candies safe  from sticking when placing in the fridge and also help us to introduce  upright the stick. This kit also contains a candy stand so you can store the already decorated Cake Pops.

These Vanilla Cake Pops are relatively easy to do and definitely will impress any guest. So, for  now I will give you a delicious recipe, but I will definitely come back with other ones with extra chocolate 🙂

Vanilla Cake Pops

By March 7, 2015

Prep Time : 10 minutes. Cook Time : 60 minutes



With your fingers crumble Vanilla Sponge Cake into pieces. Add Mascarpone cheese and raspberry jam.


Depending on the consistency of the cake used you may need more or less jam and mascarpone cheese, so do not put the entire amount from the beginning. Mix well until a consistent and homogeneous composition is formed. From this composition I have shaped using my hands, 28 spheres. Next, put the balls in special silicone tray and place in the freezer for 15 minutes or refrigerate for 30 minutes.

vanilla cake pops-recipe

Melt the chocolate in a bain-marine, each kind separately. Remove prepared small spheres from the freezer or fridge and place in every sphere a plastic chopstick, so to look like a lollipop.


Dip the small spheres into melted chocolate so that their surface is completely cover.

Garnish as desired with coloured sugar decorations, or you can decorate with a decorating bag using 2 kinds of chocolate.

Allow to dry chocolate cover placing plastic sticks on stand. Keep in the freezer  not to melt the chocolate frosting.

So, I bet you and your kids will love this super Vanilla Cake Pops desert. Enjoy!


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