Strawberry Jam Recipe


It’s strawberry season, the fruits that my whole family love. Besides being tasty, they are very healthy and are a good source of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants that help fight free radicals. Strawberries are recommended for body remineralisation, blood purification and streamlining,  favours intestinal transit and helps tone our body.

The problem is that these fruits are found in markets only a short period of the year, so that’s why I try to preserve them, so to enjoy their sweetness and fragrance during winter days.

Today, I will present a Strawberry Jam Recipe, very fragrant and colourful.You can serve this amazing Strawberry Jam with fresh baked bread and butter or as filling for crepes or different cakes.

I prefer seasonal fruits, preserved by freezing, because they are healthier, and use them, off season in Smoothies or when baking a cake. To be completely honest, I do keep several jars of jam in my pantry, for those days when I need something sweet on a slice of bread, next to a cup of tea for breakfast.

I don’t like to use any preservatives for my jams, and to be true, you don’t need to add any chemicals. Jam will not alter if is cooked enough and if the jars and lids are sterilised. So, that being said let’s see my Strawberry Jam Recipe:

Strawberry Jam Recipe

By June 8, 2015

Prep Time : 5h 40 min. Cook Time : 1h 20 min



Wash fruits, then hull and place in a roomy bowl. I bought 10lb. (5 kg) of fresh strawberries, very appealing and started to eat…when we were done, I started hulling the rest and I weighed about 7.7lb. (3.5 kilograms ) of fresh hulled strawberries. Pretty hungry… I guess :))

Sprinkle with juice of one lemon the cleaned and weighed fruits. Using lemon juice to sprinkle fresh fruit, helps preserve the colour, so in this way the strawberry jam will remain bright red, close to the fresh fruits colour.

Next add 4.4 lb. (2 kg) of sugar over the fruits and slightly shook the bowl, to make sure they are well covered. For strawberry jam, you need about 1 lb. (500 g) sugar for each 2lb.(1 kg) of hulled strawberries. I added a little more, and I will tell you why. The amount of sugar may vary between 0.65lb.-1.75lb. (300-800 g) for each two pounds (1 kg) of fruits, depending on your preferences, you must know that sugar preserves, and if you add less sugar you will need to extra boil your jam, the fruits will lose their shape and colour, and you’ll have an increased risk of fermentation or mold my begin growing.

Cover the bowl with sugar coated fruits, with a clean towel or cling film and leave for about 5-6  hours to rest until the sugar melts, mix again with a plastic spatula or a wooden spoon to help the sugar at the bottom to dissolve. It can even be left overnight.


For boiling, you will need a large mouth pot to shorten the process. If the evaporation surface is wider then, the jam will lower faster, will keep the beautiful colour and will quickly tie.

I used two pots with a diameter of 15in (38 cm), and have divided into 4 parts my quantity, so I cooked two times. The Strawberry Jam started to boil fairly quickly, over medium heat. I started mixing using a spatula to help evaporate water, and I removed the foam formed on the surface. Boiling jam swells and reaches the upper lip of the pan so pick suitable pots for the amount of fruits you work with, up to a maximum of half the pot.

Mix jam continuously, and do not leave it unattended, it can stick to the bottom of the pot or even might flow into fire. Keep mixing until you can see it changes colour, and consistency, fruits are slightly translucent and foam is no longer forming.

Turn off the heat and place the pot aside until we take care of jars.

Thoroughly wash jars and lids, rinse and place on oven grid , then turn on  the oven , set at 250 degrees F (120 degrees C) and keep monitoring, until the water evaporates entirely. After about 15-20 minutes jars were sterilised.

Fill the hot jars with caution, both jam and jars are very hot. Fill with a ladle, quickly put lids on and turn upside down for a few seconds, then cover with a blanket to slowly cool down  (12-24 hours ). After cooling you can place them on the pantry shelf. I got 6 Strawberry jam jars.

So, a lot of talking, right? Work is not so complicated and this Strawberry Jam Recipe deserve it, so get to work , now it's Strawberry season!!!


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