Roast Leg Of Lamb

Roast leg of lamb

Lamb is one of my favourite meat. Every time I get the chance I throw a lamb leg into the oven wrapped in oriental spices and sprinkled with white wine and there it is Roast Leg Of Lamb … hmmm… yummy.

Lamb is not very popular in western cuisine where beef has its crown, but it’s gaining more and more popularity since it is very tasty and the meat is very soft and juicy.

Lamb is a rich source of protein: 100 grams of meat provide 60% of the RDA for an adult and is healthy because it contains selenium, the lack of this mineral in the body doubles the risk of asthma.

Lamb also contains a significant amount of vitamin B12, required in the formation of red blood cells in anemia prevention for a healthy nervous system and for the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

According to some studies, lamb contains less saturated fat (only 36% of all fats are saturated) compared to other meats.

Since Easter is coming and it’s time for celebration and for our families to gather around the table, I hope I will convince you to try a perfect Roast Leg Of Lamb. So let’s get to the ingredients:

Roast Leg Of Lamb

By April 2, 2015

Prep Time : 1h 25 min. Cook Time : 1h 30 min Yield : 8
Nutrition facts (per portion) : Calories: 650g; Carbohydrate Content: 30g; Fat Content: 36.3g; Protein Content: 51.2g; Saturated Fat Content: 14.1g; Serving Size: 1/2 lbs; Sugar Content: 4g;




Wash meat thoroughly with cold water, clean the skin and cut into slices about 1.2 in (3 cm) thick.Dry with a kitchen towel, brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt, pepper and seasoning mix. Place in a bowl, covered with plastic cling and let rest at least 1 hour in a refrigerator.

Meanwhile, heat the oven, peel and slice the garlic. Choose a tray suitable for large pieces of meat that do not overlap in it and grease with a little oil. Place the meat and add the dry white wine and water. Place in hot oven at 355 degrees F (180 degrees C) for about 90 minutes. Turn steak on both sides and sprinkle occasionally with the sauce from the tray.

Serve hot with potato wedges and beetroot salad. Tender and delicious! Roast Leg Of Lamb.


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