Creamy Mushroom Risotto

Creamy mushroom risotto


Wanting to do something fast and super tasty I looked in the fridge for something to inspire me. Since it’s cold outside and spring is still shy, I thought to cook something creamy and rich in protein. On a shelf I found a jar of dried wild mushrooms, Parmesan cheese was peeping and the bottle of white wine from last weekend was sitting silently in the fridge … so I decided to cook a Creamy Mushroom Risotto, a simple, very fast cooking and very tasty recipe.

I find it super interesting this risotto recipe with mushroom, because rice is slightly fried in white wine before being simply boiled.

Mushrooms are the only fruit or vegetables that contain vitamin D. As in the case of humans, in the case of mushrooms vitamin D is produced when they are exposed to sunlight.They also have B group vitamins which are vital for converting food (carbohydrates) into fuel (glucose) that the body burns for energy. They help the body metabolise fats and proteins. Mushrooms contain a large amount of vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and B3 (niacin).

Because is abundant in carbohydrates, rice acts like a natural “fuel” for our body and manage to double the normal activity of the brain when consumed regularly. It also contains many minerals, vitamins and organic ingredients that promise to raise the energy level of the body.

It is an extremely healthy food as it contains no harmful fats, cholesterol and salt. Thus, low fat, low cholesterol and  low salt content will help reduce obesity and will make you feel better. Rice contains amino acids important for our health, and when served with meat or mushrooms, is a perfect item for toning and shaping all muscles in the body.

So let’s see Creamy Mushroom Risotto:

Creamy Mushroom Risotto

By February 19, 2015

Prep Time : 50 minutes. Cook Time : 40 minutes



Place dried mushrooms in a bowl with hot water and hydrate for 40 minutes.

In a roomy saucepan heat up a tablespoon of olive oil and butter. When it's hot add chopped onion and minced garlic.

Stir for a few minutes until soft then add the mushrooms drained of water. Stir fry the mushrooms for 5 minutes then add the white wine and stir over high heat until all liquid is absorbed. Add the rice and cook for 2 minutes, then reduce heat and gradually add the chicken stock, stirring constantly.

Creamy mushroom risotto ingredients

Season with salt and pepper to taste. Keep adding chicken stock until the rice is soft but with a slight bite. This will take about 25 to 30 minutes.

When done remove from heat add grated Parmesan cheese mix well put the lid on and let it rest for 5 minutes. Garnish with chopped fresh parsley and Parmesan cheese so you get a nice Creamy Mushroom Risotto!

Creamy mushroom risotto

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