Cinnamon Nut Rolls



This recipe is from my grandmother and each time I prepare it reminds me of my childhood. I remember when my grandmother use to make ​​several trays of “hornet nests”,  that’s how she liked to call these nut and cinnamon rolls, and to share them with all her grandchildren.

Although I was the youngest of her five grandchildren, I was the most curious to find out from My grandma’s secrets and often I was sitting next to her in the kitchen.

I remember how fascinated I was  seeing these wasps nests doubling their volume and filling the baking tray with generous distances and I remember as well the smell of roasted nuts, vanilla and cinnamon that used to invade the kitchen.

This recipe is not very complicated, but you must follow some simple steps and requires little more labor, but I tell you that it worth it.

Cinnamon Nut Rolls

By September 25, 2014


Prep Time : 1h 15 min. Cook Time : 35 minutes



Sift flour with salt, add the 7 yolks and yeast dissolved in milk and knead a dough more hard than soft. Depending on the quality of the flour we need more or less milk.

Kneaded dough is divided into two equal parts and spread each piece separately on a hard board covered with a thin layer of flour.

Mix butter with sugar and cinnamon until it becomes creamy, then split it in two and carefully place the filling onto the rolled dough and spread it evenly. Sprinkle with chopped nuts until covered evenly. Roll it up slowly, slice it into two finger wide pieces, then place each "nest" cut side up onto a parchment paper lined tray, one next to the other (leaving about 1/2 in space between them). Before putting the tray into the oven, leave it to raise 30-35 more minutes.


Then place them in preheated oven at 360 degrees F, depends heavily on the oven ( I’ve set mine at 375 degrees).

When are almost ready, after about 25-30 minutes, prepare the syrup from milk, honey and vanilla, bring to a boil, then brush the top of the “nests” with it and put it back for a couple more minutes.

And we are done!…Enjoy!

cinnamon nut rolls

They are great right out of the oven served with a cup of milk, or served cold, makes them a great healthy breakfast next to a warm tea!cinnamon-wasp-nests

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