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Yesterday was a beautiful winter day, the sun was shining over the frozen snow and my son was anxious to go out in the park to play. I went as usual to his favourite park where we played with snow and we had a lot of fun chasing squirrels. Our way back passes next to a Lebanese restaurant where every time I see their menu I’m craving for oriental cuisine.

So, today I decided to try the Best Hummus Recipe, a well known and appreciated Lebanese dish.

Hummus is a good source of protein, is very healthy and nourishing. It is made of dried chickpeas that you can buy from local market and boil by yourself, or you can buy ready cooked canned chickpeas, but pay attention reading its label, and make sure it doesn’t contain anything other than chickpeas, water and salt, because I have seen many cans with added preservatives, food additives and so on.

I prefer to cook chickpeas by myself, even if it takes more time and I advise you to do the same but don’t forget to put the chickpeas to soak the night before in order to cook faster. Another important ingredient  for this homemade hummus recipe is sesame paste or tahini, which is found on supermarket shelves, in international dishes area, or if you want is easier and healthier to prepare by yourself at home.

Take 3.5oz (100 g) of sesame seeds, then cook in a hot pan until they get a shiny look, but be careful not to brown at all, as they will become bitter. Then using a vertical mixer mix well then add 0.5 fl.oz (15 ml) sesame oil or any other vegetable oil and the tahini paste is ready.

So, let’s try together my Best Hummus Recipe:

Best Hummus Recipe

By February 11, 2015

Prep Time : 10h 00 min. Cook Time : 2h 10 min



Put the chickpeas to soak in a large bowl for 8-10 hours, then drain the water and bring to boil in a pot for about 2 hours or 30-45 minutes in the pressure cooker.



When chickpeas are boiled, set aside to cool, then put in a food processor and mix well, then add the garlic, tahini, lemon juice and salt and mix at high speed for a few minutes, adding 0.5 fl.oz (75 ml) from the remaining boiled water until it becomes a smooth paste. Finally add the olive oil and mix for another 1-2 minutes. It can be prepared in a blender, here we get a smoother paste, but it must be a powerful one that does not choke when crushes chickpeas, as mine. I think it's easier to use a food processor to even out the paste even if it is not the finest.

Place hummus in a bowl and garnish with cumin, sumac and chilli flakes and sprinkle with olive oil.

So, go ahead and try my Best Hummus Recipe and bring oriental flavours into your kitchen!

Best hummus-recipe


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