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My name is Gilda and this is my site!
I am a  wife and mother, and I love cooking!  My passion for cooking started long time ago, I was five I guess, when my grandma asked me to help her in the kitchen. She had to cook daily for twelve hungry mouths, and I can assure you it was not easy… I can’t say she had the time to teach me how to cook, but I can tell you for sure I have stolen every information I could and believe me, her food was awesome!
I admit, I was lucky that my mother often let me help her in the kitchen, so, I started early enough to cook dishes from head to tail. I remember when we used to make  pancakes and other goodies with my friends and leave a mess in my mom’s kitchen, but she would not mind and let us experience the recipes again. Also, my passion for cooking led me to attend a College of Food Engineering, and now my husband urge pushed me to share my passion with you. My husband loves photographing food and hopes his photos inspire you to cook a delicious  and healthy meal, and my little angel, Robert loves to taste my cakes and every little thing that has sugar in it :)).  My desire is to try to feed ourselves healthier, based on natural ingredients, cooking at home in our own kitchen, but in a more enjoyable and easy way. I try to use only natural and fresh ingredients because I believe in a varied diet based on  butter, eggs, cream, meat, vegetables and fruits purchased mainly from  farmers and local market.
I invite you to try my recipes, and if you like,  feel free to share with me your experience in the kitchen!
I hope that we’ll  feel great together!

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